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Decoration Information: How to choose what features it wall sconce

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         REVIEW: Wall (walllamp) is interior lighting, most people equipped with milky white glass shade. Lamp power more than about 15-40 watts, light, elegant and harmonious, the environment can be embellished elegant, splendid, especially in the wedding room is particularly suitable.

     1, wall lamp features:

     Suitable for the bedroom, bathroom. Commonly used are headed magnolia wall lamp, double-headed olive wall lamp, double drum-shaped lamp, headed lace cup wall lamp, wall lamp Yuzhu, the mirror wall lamp and so on. Wall light bulbs from the ground not less than 1.8 meters.

     2, How to choose wall lamp

     2.1 higher grade wall lamp 80 yuan or so, about 30 yuan lower.

     2.2 wall lamp mainly depends on the cheaper option structure, shape, general mechanical forming, manual expensive. Forged iron wall lamp, copper lamp, wall lamp and so on are in high sheepskin wall lamp. Digital calendar wall lights with light and illuminated paintings, decorative role, but also as a calendar, very popular.




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