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Good lawn light bother anyone?

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     At 22:50 on the 25th Xu Fen Park Lake Island Fen River bridge on both sides of the inner ring road south of the West Bank, two rows of 46 smashed lawn light, shade and light bulbs were all damaged. The lawn lamp has been working for seven years, lighting has been good, but now they have to face the fate of repair update.
     Ann with a lot of Fen River scenic lawn in bushes on both sides of these lamps more, will not affect the walk, and nice, how will get into unexpected calamities? Yesterday, this reporter in an interview.
    Scene 46 get a floor lamp was smashed shards
     26 morning, the reporter went to the inner bridge the Fen Fen River scenic south of the West Bank, the park staff also talk a lot of what happened the night before. Staff reporter refers to the direction along through the "bridges" to the island south west inner ring of the bridge, see that the path on both sides of 46 lamps, each 23 per side, spared all smashed .
     Between about seven or eight meters away from two lawn a row of lights has more than 160 meters long. Lawn lamp smashed about 50 cm high, top and shade is beige, shades have hollow shelf, below is a lamp barrel. Lampshade had also bears a dragon and phoenix patterns. Now, these lights have been smashed from the top of the debris scattered over the ground, some bulb fell on the grass.
     Reporters saw, roadside green belt missing two bricks, the staff analysis and judgment, smashing lights estimates are from local materials, with tiles smashed lamps.
     Staff is contact the manufacturer, "light and shade is one of the top are made of polymer materials, which was about 200 dollars, but some are a whole are smashed, and a light on the thousand dollars." Their side calculation of the loss, while saying this is the premise of this lamp manufacturers have mold, after all these years, it looks likely replacement of. If you do not die, we had to study in the end is to re-create the mold or the overall replacement. Well, everyone fell into a deep sigh shook his head.



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